My late aunty and mentor, at an all women’s sweat lodge, the day before a Sun Dance event in the mid-eighties, gave me the name. There was a small blue butterfly fluttering about the lodge. My Aunt said that I was just like that butterfly, always coming to visit with ever changing colours, excited about my adventures and sewing activities and keen to relate them to her. She always spoke to me in Cree. That had been my wish when I was young.

My late parents were life-long practitioners and teachers of traditional skills.Tipi and square tent-making, smoked tanned hide-making, bead-working, quill work, traditional regalia-making were my motherʼs skills. My father was a trapper, horseman, carpenter, drum maker, a great story teller, miniature wooden childrenʼs toys maker and

It seemed appropriate that I call my home-based business: Kamahmahkos meaning Little Butterfly (a term of endearment).
In honour of my late aunt Emma McGilvery and my parents, Angelique and Alphonse Cardinal.