Category: Adult contemporary ambient lounge music (according to one appreciative lounge manager).  World music. Celtic music. Christmas music. Classical music. Mostly original tunes with some favourite covers.  Good melodies with interesting grooves. I play and sing live with sequences I perform on my Korg Triton Extreme fabulous keyboard. Sax, flute, clarinet, vocals and piano or other keyboard voices.

Everything you hear in the Music Player below can be duplicated live, although the non-sequenced part is spontaneous and varies. Can include visuals projected on and around me. Suitable for parties, small to medium-sized rooms, dining rooms.

I can also do dance instruction to my own music, using a non-intrusive technique that can involve everybody. I start a sequence, show the steps, practice and then start the sequence again, this time playing live with it. Wherever I’ve done it, it’s been a hit. In English or French.

Contact me about prices, which are negotiable. All negotiations will include travel at 0.50/km, if I have to drive.

Listen to leBeau Music

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