My late aunty and mentor, at an all women’s sweat lodge, the day before a Sun Dance event in the mid-eighties, gave me the name. There was a small blue butterfly fluttering about the lodge. My Aunt said that I was just like that butterfly, always coming to visit with ever changing colours, excited about my adventures and sewing activities and keen to relate them to her. She always spoke to me in Cree. That had been my wish when I was young.

My late parents were life-long practitioners and teachers of traditional skills.Tipi and square tent-making, smoked tanned hide-making, bead-working, quill work, traditional regalia-making were my motherʼs skills. My father was a trapper, horseman, carpenter, drum maker, a great story teller, miniature wooden childrenʼs toys maker and

It seemed appropriate that I call my home-based business: Kamahmahkos meaning Little Butterfly (a term of endearment).
In honour of my late aunt Emma McGilvery and my parents, Angelique and Alphonse Cardinal.


An assortment of styles using hide, beads and small embellishments. Most amulets will tell a story.

Bag & Pouches

Various styles, sizes and purposes in smoked tanned hide, then decorated with seed bead embellishments.


A variety beaded items with a variety of beads

Beaded Balls

Earth balls beaded in different sizes

Beaded Beads

Caging the Wild Cabochon, large beads and buttons

Beaded Ear Rings

Small mirrored, flat and circular medallions

Beaded Trading Card size

Basic Picot Edge, multi-media works.

Beaded Turtles

An assortment of styles using smoked tanned hide, beads and small embellishments, optional opening for your personal keepsakes.


Adult sizes, parka style with tassel hood, zipped front and lined with Kasha satin. Made to order only.


Unique Plains Cree dolls. Dressed in deerskin, cotton prints and decorated with beadwork. Most doll bodies are made with Moose hide and may have Horse Hair hair. All dolls are made without facial features, this left to the doll owner to supply the doll with a personality.

Fiber Arts

Felting, quilting, embroidery and the occasional beads are some of the items.

Fish Scale Art works

A unique art form. Made of whitefish scales and bones, they are washed, dried, dyed and formed into floral designs. No two alike, a choice of back ground material such as velvet, smoked tanned hide or coloured denim.

Kookomʼs Dresses

Mostly cotton prints, in a four pattern piece ankle length dress, Ribbon and beads are optional.

Mixed Media

Wether it be hide, cotton, paints, beads, quills, or threads of all sorts.Most art works have my personal touch.


Rare, made to order only. All moccasins are made by hand with smoked tanned hide. Bead work, quill work, embroidery, tufting and painting are options on the vamps of the moccasins.

Moose, Caribou and Horse Hair:

Made in a brooch style embellished with seed beads, with the smoked tanned back ground, other fabrics are optional.

Pipe Bags

Rare, made to order only. All pipe bags are made by hand with smoked tanned hide. Bead work, quill work, embroidery, tufting and painting are options.

Porcupine Works

On smoked tanned hide, beaded edge work, in Trading Card size or as a brooch.


Made with raw hide, small to medium size. Circular or turtle shaped with embellishments. Not for small childrenʼs play.

Talking Sticks

Made with Saskatoon sticks embellished with hide ribbons and semiprecious stones. Between 30 to 50 cm long, room to add your own keepsakes.


100 % Unbleached white canvas cotton, with storage bag and removable door. Optional sizes are 12ʼ X 12ʼ X 8 ʻ and 12ʼ X 15ʼ x 8ʼ, child sizes are made to order.


100 % Unbleached white canvas cotton, with storage bag and removable door. Optional sizes are 12ʼ, 16ʼ 18ʼ 20ʼ and 22ʼ, child sizes are made to order.

Water Colour

Various sizes on 140 lb. paper

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